4 Things That Every Homeschooling Mom Should Know

I would say that Homeschooling moms enjoy most tension-free life. Usually moms need to prepare kids to public schools. They may be tensed as they need to prepare breakfast on time, make kids go to school, make them learn well; make them to do their homework, keeping all in balance, and the list goes on. But as homeschooling mom I have leisure time to analyze these things in detail.

Here are few of my analysis in which I would like to say the four important things to homeschooling moms:

1. Is your child learning well in homeschooling? or else arrange an alternative:

You have arranged private tutors to help your child in studies. And your duty doesn’t stop with this. You need to track your child’s performance in weekly/ monthly tests and exams. Does he or she improve in studies? Or still they need guidance.

Communicate with private tutors and ask the status of child. Here are few essential questions to be asked to personal tutors:

Is my child energetic and shows interest in studies?
What are the subjects in which my child faces difficulties?

Have conversation with your child also to know the potential of learning in homeschooling. Ask him/her whether they are satisfied with homeschooling? And whether private tutors teach well? Analyze forward on listening to both side of answers.

2. Take care of your child’s health:

This is most important because your children can be active and show potential in studies only when they are healthy. Since they are homeschooled you have better option than other moms to take care of your child’s health. Remember that a healthy child can learn more.

Here I like to mention one more point; by health I mean both physical and mental health. It means a child should be physically healthy and mentally strong to face any challenges. Thus private tutors also have a major role to make a student mentally fit and to keep himself out of worries. Say some stories which vibrate positive energy among students.

3. Teach your child about perfectionism:

Being perfect will always bring success. Doesn’t it? 99% of people say “Yes” to this question. Take a scenario, if your child stick with daily targets perfectly and understand the subjects concepts easily then surely he can win the competition. It becomes duty of moms to cultivate perfectionism among their children.

4. Does private tutors follow standard syllabus?

Check with private tutors periodically. See to that they follow standard teaching syllabus to guide your children. Teaching above the grade level or helping with lower grade concepts is mere waste of homeschooling. Thus educate yourself and observe the teaching methods carefully.